By crestdev |

Grovara, Inc is the first global B2B marketplace taking US, Mexico, and UAE food & beverage brands global. We work with small, medium, and large CPG brands and connect them with international buyers from around the world.  Our strongest markets are LATAM, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia.  As part of the selling process, buyers need to try, taste and see the samples of products of the different brands.  Unlike the US, they cannot go to the local store and purchase a product or have it shipped from other online outlets.  Grovara assists our brands with the shipments to ensure the products arrive to the buyer abroad. 

Bargain Box has been a dream!  Not only are the rates 1/3 of what we were paying on our own, but having the assistance of the Bargain Box team has been a huge asset to us.  I handle many facets of the company and since most of our company is remote, I am one of the few people who work out of an office… therefore I get to ship samples (yippee LOL). Being able to work with Destiny on the labels and the rest of the Bargain Box team with any issues that may arise is such a time saver for me and my company.  Being able to produce domestic shipments any hour of the day on our own and receive the best rates is a new added perk with the newBargain Box system.  It’s been such a great experience and we love working with everyone atBargain Box!